Counselling & Therapy

Frequently asked questions


What approaches do you use?
I use Brief Therapy approaches including the Solution Focussed approach, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), the Narrative approach and the Response-Based approach.

What approaches do you NOT use?
I do not use psychoanalytic or psychodynamic approaches. Obviously, I cannot list all the approaches I don’t use but these are two main approaches worth noting.

Do I have to come every week?
No, you can come when you want. Although many people decide to come once a week for a while, others prefer to come once a fortnight or on an ad-hoc basis.¬†You don’t have to commit yourself to a set of sessions or a length of work with me. We see as we go along how you are progressing and what you want to do.

What experience do you have?
In over thirty years of practice I have seen many people from different backgrounds, religions, ages and sexual orientations all bringing different issues, for example depression, anxiety and stress, loss and bereavement, relationship issues, being bullied at school or at work, having had to withstand bad treatments and violence in their childhood or adulthood, finding it hard to be a parent, coping with infertility, dealing with IVF.

I also work in French.

I am sorry that currently I cannot offer access to people with mobility difficulties.